Game Instructions

Things you’ll need:

-A music playing device (phone, speaker, radio, mp3 player, walkman, record player, television, etc.) 

-Your Official Cruel Tunes card set.

-3-12 people

-A fun-loving & warm attitude (or an incredibly petty & despicable one) that brings out your true self. Both are kinda fun.

How to play

The owner of the card set will choose a playlist or station of their choice. We recommend trying one of our curated playlist that can be found on all major streaming platforms or directly on our site at

Each player will choose 7 cards from the pile.

We recommend having an all time dj that will play the music for each round. That dj will manage the flow of the game.   

DJ Responsibilities

-Change songs as the judge changes

-Pause the song if it is about to end to make sure all cards are in

-Skip songs if the judge chooses to use their one skip of the round

-Announce the name and artist of the song for the judge any time they ask

The chosen dj will also serve as the first judge. The position of judge will rotate clockwise after each round.

The first song will play. Everyone except the Judge will lay down a card facedown that explains why they are listening to the current song. If the current judge doesn’t like the song they are allowed one skip per turn. All players should have their cards in by the end of the song. If the song ends, the dj will pause the song until the round is over.

The goal is to lay down the funniest card based on why you’re listening to that song. The card you lay down could be based on the title, artist, feel of the song, whatever fits or hilariously doesn't fit at all. 

The judge will then select the card their favorite card. Whoever played the card chosen is the winner and gets to keep that card in order to keep track of their points. They will keep this card face up.

All losing cards will be set in a discard pile.

The chosen all-time dj can move to the next song and the judge changes to the person to the left of the last judge.

First one to 8 cards wins. Or however many you want. Go nuts!


*If you run into an advertisement while playing the game because you’re a broke ass bitch without a premium streaming service* 

The current Judge has to do the Macarena for the entire ad.